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Getting Started in MLM Description

Not all network marketing or MLM training is created equal. Ron G. Holland, author of the international best seller Talk & Grow Rich, gloriously weaves his magic as a leading motivational speaker and trainer and with his 30 years' experience within the network marketing arena. This audiobook is designed to be inspirational, aspirational, educational, and motivational--and it hits the bull's-eye on every single point. It covers each and every aspect of getting started in MLM. Even the difficult tasks like list building, recruiting new reps, and selling products are covered in foolproof, step-by-step detail from every conceivable angle.

Even if you have previously failed in networking, this book will prove to be more of a supercharger than just a leg up. Because of his deep understanding and passion of the subject matter, Ron is able to hold your hand every step of the way. He will help you overcome lack or faith, rejection, and despondency and take you right into the zone of where and how the diamonds in the industry work their magic. Using magic, illusionists, wizards, and magicians to help create a brilliant and highly- sable analogy, Ron is able to give insights of how the big boys in networking perform their magic over and over again--and make it all look like child's play.

Once you know the insider secrets, many of these strategies and methodologies Ron divulges can be acted upon immediately...once you know how the trick is performed. As if by magic, million-dollar gems are spoken every minute. These insider tips, hints, and strategies will allow you to decimate the competition and build your own network both sustainably and profitably. You will learn how to motivate and energize your group and get them teaching.

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