Red Rock Mysteries

15 livres dans la série
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Criminals beware: the Timberline twins are here to save the day! Bryce and Ashley Timberline can’t help but be pulled into mystery after mystery, solving each one with an admirable tenacity as they also work around the daily struggles of tween life.

Wherever these ATV-riding Colorado twins go, action-packed adventure is sure to follow. Bryce and Ashley get involved in everything from clearing the name of a local miscreant to thwarting a gold-stealing heist. They make it through all kinds of adversity, even life-threatening situations, with the help of a strong example from their parents and their growing faith.

The world of Red Rock Mysteries comes alive through an amazing performance by a full cast, featuring Samantha Beach and Blain Hogan. Between the distinct voices and emotion-filled acting, you’ll be transported directly into each Colorado mystery, with sound effects adding an extra layer of realism.

Authors Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry drew on the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew to inspire Bryce and Ashley, and plenty of different spots around the state of Colorado inspire the setting for each mystery. Most of the adventures take place close to home, although a few are as far afield as Chicago. A father of nine, Fabry also states that his love of good, clean mysteries and his own children were inspirations for the series.

“Jenkins and Fabry know their way around a suspenseful tale,” Publishers Weekly proclaimed in its review of the first installment, Haunted Waters, while also praising the authors’ depiction of a “realistic family”.

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