Second Death

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Rising Description

A teenage girl trapped in an abusive home. A demon freed from a mystical book. She will have her revenge, and unleash evil the world has not seen in centuries...

Jessie is pushed over the edge by her own grief and a mother who cares more about sex and booze than her own flesh and blood. With the help of a powerful demon, she takes revenge and begins a spellbinding journey to unleash an evil as old as time. 

Rising: The Second Death is the prelude to Brian Rella’s action-packed horror and dark fantasy series, The Second Death.

Find out for why listeners love this audiobook and why readers are giving this prequel Rising: The Second Death five stars:

"The build up is steady with events building the suspense in a way that left me knowing something was coming, but barely prepared me for the intense ending that grabbed me like a monster and smashed all my preconceived notions about the story into mangled bits." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Tight story line and plot line expertly delivered, in a fast and smooth paced timeframe." - Amazon Reviewer 

"I gripped my tablet til my finger tips became numb...I screamed nooo, I danced with delight!" - Amazon Reviewer

If you like horror and dark fantasy, download and listen now!

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  • Livre 0.5

    • The Second Death Supernatural Story, Prequel
    • Auteur(s): Brian Rella
    • Narrateur(s): Todd Menesses
    • Durée: 2 h et 2 min
    • Date de publication: 2018-04-27
    • Langue: Anglais
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