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As Oceans Fall Description

When Andrew Gaeta is questioned in connection with a geological disaster in the Pacific Ocean, he fears that painful hallucinations and coded messages he has kept hidden since childhood may be catching up with him.

Twenty years earlier, Andrew's 11-year-old mind is filled with tough questions about life, death, and innocence lost. He stumbles onto a series of cryptic messages by finding a clue in an old gift from his father, who was killed in action serving the Air Force when Andrew was three. Follow Andrew through key milestones as he pieces together clues to his father's legacy. Will they help him overcome his unique affliction, or lead to his demise?

In the present day, restrained in a clinic, Andrew is questioned and tested by neurobiologists about the messages that he had always assumed were deeply personal. As Andrew and his captors each discover pieces of what the other is hiding, Andrew is forced to balance his own secret journey with the chance to help solve the Pacific crisis.

A uniquely devolving narrative contrasts Andrew's bright and adventurous youth with the stark alternate present. Cerebral and empathetic, this puzzle thriller will keep you guessing to the end.

©2016 Brian M Birkland (P)2016 Brian M Birkland
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