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Rival Love: Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance Description

Lily didn’t love Harold Spencer, but she certainly hadn't murdered him.

Harold, the leader of the were-bear clan, and Lily’s marriage was the result of her father, the thief, picking the wrong pockets. She married him to keep the tenuous peace that had existed between humans and were-bears in their small town for years.

Now, he’s been killed by a rival clan and as his human wife, she’s in deep...trouble.

When Jeremy offers her protection because he doesn’t want to leave her in the cold, she accepts. But Jeremy isn't innocent, at all. Caught in the middle of another battle - with her husband’s brother, the man who killed him, and two sets of were-bears - no one, and nowhere, is safe.

It’s up to Lily to figure out who killed Harold before war breaks out. Worse, she has to choose between the dashing rival rogue and the loyal brother of her fallen husband.

All is fair in love and war - or is it?

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