The Darwin's World Series

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Boxed Set, The Darwin's World Series: Includes Darwin's World, The Trek, and Home Description

Three complete novels. Thirty-three hours of survival action. If you're a fan of Robert A. Heinlein, Jean Auel, and S. M. Stirling, you're going to love Jack L Knapp. Thousands of copies have been downloaded. This is survivalism at its an Earth that never knew humans!

Darwin's World: Imagine being transplanted to a virgin planet during the Ice Age with nothing more than a knife and hatchet! Perfect freedom to live or die! Alone, surrounded by saber-tooth cats, dire wolves, giant bears, and predatory humans!

The Trek: The only hope for survival is to find a place that can be defended. Even if it means traveling across Texas in the dead of an ice age winter....

Home: Building new homes and finding food and firewood is only the beginning. A society to the south survives by raiding and slavery. The first captives from the tribe have already been taken....

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