The Eglinton Knight Series

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Knight of the Jaded Heart Description

It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love.

Lover of the Gothic craze sweeping the nation, Miss Georgiana Spence only has one thing on her mind this summer—the Eglinton tournament: three full days of knights and ladies, dazzling jousting, and succulent feasts. The medieval era will come back to life in Scotland. Not even the fact that her obscenely rich father is trying to sell her off for a title can ruin it for her.

Well, it’s almost ruining it for her.

Because Georgiana's intended, Lord Edward, Marquis of Marlborough, is anything but chivalrous. The marquis is taciturn, serious, and myopic about restoring his estate to its former glory since his father squandered the family fortune. He doesn’t have time for the archaic tournament, let alone have any intention of competing in it. That’s only for young ne’er-do-well aristocrats who have nothing better to do than spill an exorbitant amount of money on armor and outfits—silly dandies who have no idea about real problems and the sacrifices needed to fix them. Sacrifices like marrying a rich merchant’s daughter who clearly loathes him and has no qualms about shuffling her feet to the altar.

With time running out for Edward, he decides to take matters into his own hand and get creative for Georgiana’s love. A little poetry and a dash of gallantry never hurt anyone. Medieval courting might be just the thing to convince the woman that his buttoned-up ways make him the perfect knight for her. And, together, Georgiana and Edward might find that chivalry isn’t dead in the 19th century; it merely looks a little different.

After all, everything looks different when two people are falling in love!

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