The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy Series

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The Awakening Description

Ten years ago, all the superhumans vanished. No one knows what happened to them - until now. Thirteen-year-olds Danny and Colin are shocked to discover that they are in fact the beginning of a renewed superhuman race.

As they rise to take the place of the lost generation, the unimaginable truth behind the explosive final battle that occurred 10 years ago between the superheroes and the supervillains is exposed. And when the past resurfaces, Danny and his fellow superheroes must face the new challenges that threaten their survival.

On the run from everyone, and not knowing who is friend or foe, the one ability the new heroes are going to need most is the power to distinguish good from evil.

©2008 Michael Carroll (P)2018 Listening Library
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Liste de produits
  • Livre 1

    Page de couverture de The Awakening
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  • Livre 2

    Page de couverture de The Gathering
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  • Livre 3

    Page de couverture de The Reckoning
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  • Livre 3.5

    Page de couverture de The New Heroes: Superhuman
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  • Livre 4

    Page de couverture de Super Human
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  • Livre 5

    Page de couverture de The Ascension
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  • Livre 5.5

    Page de couverture de The Footsoldiers
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  • Livre 6

    Page de couverture de Stronger
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  • Livre 7

    Page de couverture de Hunter
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  • Livre 8

    Page de couverture de Crossfire
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  • Livre 9

    Page de couverture de The Chasm
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