The Scattered and the Dead

5 livres dans la série
4 out of 5 stars 13 évaluations

The Scattered and the Dead Series: The First Four Books Description

More than 37 hours of post-apocalyptic survival.

With 99.7 percent of the Earth's population dead and gone, the few who remain struggle to survive in an empty world. The scattered. The leftovers. These are their stories.

This collection contains the first four volumes of the Scattered and the Dead series, audiobooks 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0.

Meet Mitch, a father infected with the zombie virus. His wife is gone. He has 24 hours until he turns. Can he make sure his kids are taken care of before time runs out?

Meet Travis, a 23-year-old wimp who ran away as his parents were murdered by raiders. Surrounded by towers of scavenged booze and pills, he only wants to numb the pain...until he happens upon the men who killed his family. Now, he has a choice.

Meet Erin. She's 16. Six months ago, she was worried about prom. Now, she worries about zombies and raiders and feeding an eight-year-old orphan.

Meet Baghead. Meet Ray and Lorraine. Meet Decker and Teddy and Fiona.

Meet the utterly lost who look for meaning in humanity's fading glow. Meet the scattered and the dead. Grab the audiobook bundle today.

©2017 L.T. Vargus & Tim McBain (P)2018 L.T. Vargus & Tim McBain
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