The Society of Grave Robbers

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The Society of Grave Robbers: Volume 1 Description

A highly selective and secretive group of grave robbers are recruiting on campus. They want evidence and "seeing is believing." Curious and eager to know the rules, to be "in," Martin Henniger finally gets his day...or night. At his first robbery, the crypt of Saint Adelaide in Bavaria, a rare but exciting thing happens. The six very different, flawed, and strange members converge on 10th century Italy, necessarily and somewhat deftly assuming roles in the fateful plot that surrounds the Queen Adelaide. The dark ages harbor a mercurious and darkly ambitious member of the society - one of the six perhaps - that isn't playing by the rules. Martin and the group must grapple with their individual vices and still emerge in the present with history victorious and themselves intact. The characters are perfectly imperfect, which makes this mind-flossing journey earthy and self-deprecating, yet realistically romantic and triumphant. Come be part of these seekers, if you can get "in."

©2014 Amber Kesselring (P)2014 Amber Kesselring
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