The Walking Dead

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  Fred Berman takes the narrative reins for this audio interpretation of Robert Kirkman's iconic comic book series, as the horde of walkers in The Walking Dead come to life all over again.

What is your idea of zombies? Do you immediately think of the living dead, of attacks by walkers with arms stretched out in front in a desperate search for brains? Such stereotypes are the stuff of a wild imagination, of course, as the reality hits a lot closer to home. Robert Kirkman's famous rendering of the undead may well be the iconic telling of zombies in the modern age, a comic book series that has spawned a television series all of its own. It was only a matter of time before The Walking Dead conquered the audiobook world.

Seven of The Walking Dead audiobooks are now available on Audible, as Fred Berman puts in a stellar performance at the helm. Filling hero zombies with life and character depth takes some skill and Berman is more than up to the task, allowing Robert Kirman's iconic comic book series to reach new heights in the audiobook world.

Whether listened to as a companion series to the books, the spinoff series or enjoyed all on their own, The Walking Dead series is filled with compelling character moments and action around every corner. The apocalyptic landscape is stunningly brought to life by Berman, making this one of the most must-have audiobook series in Audible's library. Thought you knew The Walking Dead? Think again.  

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