Thorns Duet

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Red Thorns Description

A bet turned into a disaster. 

Sebastian Weaver is the star quarterback and the college’s heartthrob.
Rich. Handsome. Bastard. Everyone’s attention flocked toward him, and all the girls dreamed of being with him.

Not me. At least, not until he made a move on me. See, I thought I was stronger than Sebastian’s charms. I thought I could survive being his target. I thought wrong. Little did I know that he will make my most twisted fantasies come true. Fantasies I didn’t know existed...

Red Thorns is a dark new adult book that contains dubious situations some listeners might find offensive and/or triggering. Red Thorns is part of a duet and is not stand-alone.

©2021 Rina Kent (P)2021 Rina Kent
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