Undead Trilogy

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Undead Annihilation Description

He thought he was at rock bottom. Then the world blew up. Now, he’s the only one that can save the city. But it may take more than he has to give....

Detective Kurt Weller has been framed, shamed, and beaten. And now he wakes up to the end of the world.

Bombs are dropping, and dead people are trying to eat him. But Weller just can’t seem to let go of the very human conspiracy that ruined his life before the world went to hell. Lucky for him, the zombie apocalypse has brought out some other undead fiends—the kind that have been living off of humanity’s scraps for centuries.

When one of these abominations approaches Weller and offers to help him protect the city against the unholy horde of brain-dead zombies, he can’t say no.

As the two form an uneasy alliance, they face off against villains both human and supernatural as they fight to save the city. But their biggest threat could come from right under their noses.

For an apocalyptic ride like no other, check out Undead Annihilation today. It’s a zombie apocalypse thriller with a dash of humor and a whole lot of blood. Get your copy now, before the zombies get here!

©2020 Matthew Doggett (P)2023 Matthew Doggett
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