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Changing Lenses: Diversify Your Perspectives

Written by: Rosie Yeung
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  • We're a community who envision a world that's more Just, Equitable, Decolonized and Inclusive (JEDI). We're changing the way we see ourselves and each other, and shifting our worldview on business by looking through a JEDI lens.I’m your host, Rosie Yeung (she/her), a Chinese-Canadian immigrant with invisible disabilities, and I’m a JEDI speaker, coach and facilitator. Do you also want to be a JEDI Warrior for social impact? Then please join me in Changing Lenses! Each episode is hosted on colonized land that was taken from many Indigenous nations, including the Anishinaabe, the Huron-Wendat, and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. I seek Truth and Reconciliation with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of Turtle Island, and I call upon us all to decolonize our thinking, not just our systems. Learn more on my website, www.changinglenses.ca.
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  • Ep310: Antisemitism and Yom HaShoah: Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day, with Alice Henry
    Apr 27 2022

    The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Holocaust, and the full name of Yom Hashoah VeHagevurah literally means the “day of remembrance of the Catastrophe and the Heroism.”

    How much do you know about Yom HaShoah, and what happens on this day? What’s the difference between Yom HaShaoah and the United Nations’ International Holocaust Remembrance Day?

    Alice Henry draws on her family’s experience of the Holocaust, and her own experience as an Ashkenazi Jewish woman, to share about Yom HaShoah, historic and current antisemitism, Jewish holidays, and much more in this episode of Changing Lenses.

    Bonus: stay with us to the end for a special Yom HaShoah memorial service.

    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • How Jewish identity is more than just religion
    • Why Whoopi Goldberg was mistaken (and she’s not the only one)
    • The implicit antisemitism in Harry Potter and Friends
    • Of various Jewish holy days, which one is arguably the MOST holy (hint: it’s NOT Hannukah!)
    • How Yom HaShoah is observed in Israel

    Link to episode transcript here.

    Would you like support dismantling systemic inequity and/or surviving it from someone with lived experience?

    As a racialized, recovering recruiter, I'm here to help! Click the link to learn more: 👉🏻"Support for JEDI Visionaries"👈🏻

    Find more support and resources, and contact me directly at: https://www.changinglenses.ca/


    Guest Bio and References/Links

    About Alice Henry:

    Alice is an Ashkenazi Jewish woman whose grandfather escaped from Nazi Germany and eventually immigrated to the U.S. She’s personally experienced antisemitism throughout her life, and felt compelled to share her story and speak out about Yom HoShoah and Jewish inclusion more publicly.

    In her day job, Alice is a researcher, facilitator, and program coordinator with expertise in zero waste and the circular economy, as well as collaborative decision-making. She is excited to support innovators, public institutions, and our communities as we rethink how our systems can work and how our economies can better support all peoples and our planet.

    Find Alice on:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alice-henry-43206012b/

    References and resources in this episode:

    Yom HaShoah in Israel – everything stops including highway traffic: https://youtu.be/4uK5uz7d-Oo 

    Info about Yom HaShoah:



     The Mourner’s Kaddish: https://sharonmemorial.com/customs-and-traditions/the-mourners-kaddish/

    Info about the UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day: https://www.un.org/en/holocaustremembrance

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  • Ep309: White Supremacy Culture from a White Man’s Perspective, with Jeff Akin
    Apr 12 2022

    If you were emotionally OK enough with the episode title to click on the link, thanks for making it this far! I’m only partly kidding. The words “white supremacy culture” are definitely triggering, and not just for white people. What that phrase even means is hard to explain.

    So when fellow podcaster and white American male Jeff Akin told me he was (gently) raising awareness about white supremacy culture (“WSC”) at his workplace – and he works for the government – and he’s a high-level executive – I was super curious to know how he felt about WSC.

    Besides being an executive leader, Jeff also teaches about leadership in his podcast, The Starfleet Leadership Academy. I admit, I had preconceived notions about what yet another white man would have to say. But Jeff changed my lens when he shared his own learning journey and struggles with WSC, to now being a champion against it.

    Join me in hearing this high school educated, ex-Navy, pro-wrestling-TV-broadcaster-turned-executive-leader share how he’s helping dismantle white supremacy culture!

    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • Ways white supremacy culture manifests in Western workplaces
    • How Jeff gradually changed in response and understanding of white supremacy culture
    • The difference between white supremacy culture and a white supremacist
    • Jeff’s primary weapon against white supremacy culture
    • How to speak up on controversial issues when you can’t speak freely

    Link to episode transcript here.

    Are you looking for job search and career coaching?

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    Guest Bio and References/Links

    About Jeff Akin:

    Jeff Akin is a 20-year veteran of the public and private sectors. He has extensive experience in both media and entertainment, as well as over two decades in management and leadership. Jeff specializes in listening to others, helping them unleash their true potential, and giving feedback that is authentic yet kind.
    This pro wrestling TV broadcaster turned executive leader is never afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to improving lives!

    Find Jeff on:

    Website: https://www.jeffakin.com
    Podcast on Apple (or wherever you listen): The Starfleet Leadership Academy

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jefftakin
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jefftakin
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/jefftakin
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jefftakin/

    References and resources in this episode:

    https://www.whitesupremacyculture.info/, curated by Tema Okun and other anti-racism educators.

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  • Ep308: What Ramadan Means to Me, with Saleha Khan
    Mar 30 2022

    Ramadan Mubarak! This special episode of the Changing Lenses podcast is being released just before the holy month of Ramadan, an incredibly significant time in the Islamic faith.

    Before I met Saleha Khan, the only thing I really knew about Ramadan was that people fasted for the whole month between sunrise and sunset. In order to truly appreciate what Ramadan means, and how it would be celebrated if Islam was the norm (vs. Christianity or secularism), I asked Saleha to share how she experiences Ramadan.

    Saleha was born in Pakistan, raised in Saudi Arabia, and now lives in Canada. She graciously agreed to share her childhood stories of Ramadan in Riyadh, and how that compares to Ramadan as a Muslim woman in Canada.

    Saleha also happens to be a specialist in equity, diversity and inclusion, having worked in this field for over 20 years, almost 14 of which was spent with various Ontario police forces.

    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • The spiritual and relational meaning of Ramadan
    • Why people fast during Ramadan, and who does (and doesn’t) fast
    • The hardest part of fasting for Saleha (surprise, it’s not feeling hungry!)
    • If you’re not Muslim, how you can create an inclusive work environment for people who honour Ramadan
    • If you are Muslim, how you can advocate for more inclusion at work during Ramadan

    Full episode transcript available here.

    Are you looking for job search and career coaching?

    As a racialized, recovering recruiter, I'm here to 👉🏻 "Help you survive the search!"👈🏻 Click the link to learn more!

    Find more support and resources, and contact me directly at: https://www.changinglenses.ca/

    Guest Bio and References/Links

    A little about Saleha in her own words:
    I have been involved in Diversity & Inclusion development for almost nineteen years now; I consider myself to be one of those blessed ones who work in the same field where their passions and interests lie. I grew up in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural setting and I find that experience has helped me gain insights into human behavior that has supported my journey in leadership development for those entrusted to me. I see this work as a social and ethical responsibility that needs critical perspective and global viewpoints to not only begin courageous conversations in safe spaces but to create those bold places where conversations turn into actions that bring about culture shift.

    Find Saleha on:

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saleha-khan-5b12263 

    References and resources in this episode:

    Names for Allah (God):



    Fawazeer Ramadan TV Show:


    With comments made by children between the age of 8 and 12

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