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Written by: Rob Deptford
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  • Dirt roads can be fun and full of adventure. They can be challening and full of life lessons. These are stories to learn from about interesting people in interesting circumstances on life's bumpy roads. No required subscription fee. No ads. Listener support is always greatly appreciated at DirtRoadJourneys.com. Please consider it if you've found value in our programs.
    Rob Deptford
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  • Mar 11 2023

    Growing up watching her Dad experience entrepreneurial bumps in the road, Mel knew what she was getting into when she ventured into entrepreneurship in 2010.

    That would prove to be an advantage that is now at the foundation of how she helps other entrepreneurs. She knew it was possible to have success on your own terms - a life designed to meet not just financial needs, but the needs in all the other important parts of life as well.

    Perhaps that's part of why Mel is more than just a business coach. She's a life guide. 

    Listen to her story to find out how it all works.

    Mel McSherry (She/They) is an International Business & Life Guide, Speaker, Author and Podcast Host. She works with inspired Entrepreneurs who are exhausted and overwhelmed by what they think they need to do in order to be successful. She helps them to honor their lives and engineer success through Human Design, spiritual and traditional frameworks. 

    As an entrepreneur since 2010, Mel has launched two successful businesses, published two books, launched a successful podcast and created a true life by design, all while raising an 11 year old son. 

    She has worked with thousands of people helping them connect to how they are designed to work, get crystal clear on what they want and prioritizing their time as well as their energy so they can create the success they desire while being profitable mentally, emotionally and financially every day! 

    They are located in the Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago, IL. 

    Website- https://www.melmcsherry.com/ 

    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/mel_mcsherry 

    LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/melmcsherry 


    Check out the Dirt Road Journeys website at https://dirtroadjourneys.com 


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  • Feb 25 2023

    People who drink cola are passionate about their brand preferences, and they tend to remain loyal customers.

    But the reasons people make their brand choices are not necessarily logical, and there are important lessons in that for anyone in sales, marketing and business in general.

    In this episode I reference Ira Bowman, a guest on the second episode of season one. Check it out!

    As well, we have a new show sponsor - Bizcastly. They help brands build unmatched industry authority with their own podcast. As it happens, they produce Dirt Road Journeys. Visit them at https://bizacastly.com

    And, of course, visit the Dirt Road Journeys website at https://dirtroadjourneys.com

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  • Feb 18 2023

    Alice Shapiro was ecstatic when the phone rang and she answered to hear of a scholarship offer to learn fine arts at a school where the famous creator of Charlie Brown once taught.

    Her mother wasn't as pleased, and so ended that opportunitiy.

    But not the dream of becoming a great artist.

    In fact, the experience only fueled Alice's passion further.

    Now an artist in residence in North Carolina, Alice is taking her passion into the digital space in impressive, cutting edge ways.

    And as you'll hear in her story, it's as though it was all meant to be.

    Here's where you can find Alice as well as view and purchase some of her art:


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