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Imp Series, Books 1-3

Written by: Debra Dunbar
Narrated by: Angela Rysk
Length: 34 hrs and 30 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Books 1-3 of the bestselling Imp Series all in one package!

A Demon Bound - All Samantha Martin wants to do is drink beer by the pool, play mischievous pranks on the humans, and get her hot neighbor in the sack - oh, and avoid the angels who won’t hesitate to execute her on sight. But when her naughty hellhound lands her in trouble and she’s blackmailed into catching a killer, Sam finds herself in the crosshairs of the very beings that want her dead.

Run to Hel and give up all the earthly pleasures she’s learned to love? Stay and face a certain death? Or use her impish wiles to and hope to survive? Satan's Sword - Bound by an angel, Sam is the only demon allowed to walk among the humans and live - if she follows the rules. But when Sam’s brother, Dar, finds himself in hot water, following the rules becomes impossible.

Retrieve an artifact from the vampires. Save Dar from centuries of enslavement and torture. All it takes is for her to perform a simple courier job, but with demons nothing is simple - especially when Sam must comply with the restrictions her angel has placed on her or face a punishment worse than death Elven Blood - Samantha Martin is an imp, a lesser demon from Hel. She has been living under the radar, posing as a human for the last 40 years, but now that she’s bound to an angel and holds the title of Iblis her life is...complicated.

Sam has become buried in angelic bureaucracy, saddled with a succubus house guest, and is fighting off a never-ending slew of demon hit-men. The powerful demon, Haagenti, won’t rest until she’s dragged back to Hel for “punishment”, and he has put a substantial price on her head – a price that threatens not only her, but the human she’s grown to love. When an elven lord offers to take care of Haagenti in return for tracking down and killing a demon half-breed, Sam thinks she’s found the solution to her most pressing problem. But finding and retrieving this hybrid monster isn't proving easy and time is running out

©2014 Debra Dunbar (P)2019 Debra Dunbar

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