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The Bayou Killer

Life of Serial Killer Ronald J. Dominique
Written by: Jack Smith
Narrated by: Charles D. Baker
Length: 1 hr and 29 mins

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Publisher's Summary

We could swear some people are incapable of murdering another human being. Serial killer Ronald Dominique, also known as the Bayou Killer, was such a man. With an exterior that seems almost normal, and some would say pitiful, this serial murderer was on a mission - not one anyone could have ever imagined....

Some killers are truly surprising to find. Ronald J. Dominique is one such killer. Listen to this audiobook to find out about how he came to be one of the most terrible people to walk on this planet. 

They say that the perpetrators of the very worst of deeds are often the people you’d least suspect. This was certainly true of Ted Bundy: he was a handsome, charming man whom many liked and respected. It was also true of accused Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur, who had many friends and was well-connected. No one expected that he might be capable of such violence. But then, what about Ronald Dominique? 

Nobody expected such things from him, either - but for slightly different reasons. It wasn’t because Dominique was charming; he was generally considered ugly and uncouth. Nor was it because he had a good job and was well-connected - he delivered pizza and worked as a meter reader. So why is it that no one suspected this man of doing such horrible things? Simply because he seemed too pathetic to pull them off. 

To those who knew him, he was just a simpleton eking out a meager existence - but Ronald Dominique proved to be much smarter than anyone imagined. Ending the lives of 23 men and evading detection for over a decade, he became one of the most prolific serial killers on record. 

In this audiobook, we’ll explore the startlingly complex machinations of that warped mind. Dominique was a misfit who never quite fit into normal society. For the most part, he was ignored and sidelined. As this slovenly character delivered your pizza and read your meter, he didn’t merit a second glance. But as this audiobook details, there was much more to this crazed killer than met the eye.

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