• Get Your Life Back My Friends😀

    Jan 18 2022
    Time to redesign your life...
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    31 mins
  • How to get things done in the New Year 2022😀🔥

    Jan 1 2022
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    43 mins
  • Celebrating Christmas in england this year🎅

    Dec 22 2021
    17 mins
  • Back from Finland, Lapland🥴🤯🥶

    Dec 18 2021
    Happy holly jolly Christmas holidays everyone. So I went to London for 5 weeks then north and south Finland and back to London for the holidays
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    22 mins
  • Recap Of Mini World Tour, Hey from Turquey🚕🛳️🕌🕍!

    Nov 22 2021
    Hi guys im thrill to come back with more experience to share with you i hope you ll have fun listening to this episode.
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    27 mins
  • Hey I'm On Bulgaria🚆🚖

    Oct 16 2021
    Hello again I hope you'll enjoy this thrilling episode on my adventures and feedback of my mini world tour started in May 2021
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    26 mins
  • Illusions or realities? Hey from Sarande, Albania🏖️🌅

    Sep 29 2021
    Tourist perception Hey guys I'm currently in Sarande ,Albania
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    21 mins
  • Just Relax

    Sep 10 2021
    18 mins
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