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Warden Force: Night Rider and Other True Game Warden Adventures

Episodes 1-13 (Volume 1)
Written by: Terry Hodges
Narrated by: Patrick J. Hinchliffe
Length: 4 hrs and 31 mins

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Publisher's Summary

A collection of 13 award-winning short stories concerning the true adventures of California fish and game wardens and the wildlife-destroying outlaws they pursue. These stories illustrate the wide variety of wildlife-related problems wardens face in California, which has a greater diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other state and is second only to Alaska in its vast expanses of wilderness.

Audiobook one contains the first 13 episodes:

  • "The Midnight Ride of Bonnie and Clyde": Wardens tangle with a murderous mother-and-son poaching team. 
  • "Night Rider": A California warden pursues highly dangerous night poachers of wild pigs. 
  • "Decisions": Wardens off the coast of Southern California's Catalina Island risk their lives to save the crew of a sinking commercial squid-fishing boat.
  • "A Second Second Chance": A California game warden ambushes outlaw catfish fishermen using baby swallows for bait.
  • "The Collectors": California wardens take on a nest of Nazi-worshiping, weapons-collecting, deer-poaching outlaws. 
  • "Nothin' Personal": California wardens track down a thief who steals the head and antlers of another hunter's buck.
  • "Bottom Feeders": California wardens go after a band of sturgeon-poaching white-trash hillbillies with attitudes.
  • "An Outing with Team Taylor": A California game warden and his family, on a short vacation, team up to capture antelope, bear, and steelhead poachers. 
  • "Rookie": A rookie California game warden gets his first taste of his hazardous new career.
  • "Grand Trickery": A California warden employs a magnificent bluff to catch outlaws night-poaching deer. 
  • "Tough Luck on the Little Sur": California wardens pursue gaunch-hook steelhead poachers.
  • "Serial Poacher": Wardens pursue a disturbing and dangerous lone-wolf deer poacher. 
  • "The Vision": A boy's fondest dream comes true. 

It surprises many who hear my stories to learn of the great diversity of challenges faced by California's fish and game wardens. This is probably due to the general misconception of many as to the true nature of this state, the perception that California is mainly urban when in fact, the reverse is true. In truth, California has more natural diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other state and is second only to Alaska in its vast expanses of wilderness.

People are also surprised to discover how hazardous my profession can be. Out of necessity, wardens work alone much of the time, often at night, with absolutely no hope for timely backup should things go wrong. And things go wrong somewhere in the state with distressing regularity. FBI statistics clearly show game wardens and conservation officers in this country are at greater risk of being assaulted or killed in the line of duty than are most sheriff's deputies and police officers.

©2016 Terry Hodges (P)2018 Terry Hodges

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  • Admiralu
  • 2019-02-22

On the Case with the CA Game Wardens

This book was the first in the Warden Force series that shared stories of the courageous officers of the California Game Wardens as they catch crooks, poachers and more. The tales are varied, fascinating and the author is a natural storyteller. This edition has an audiobook version as well and it was very entertaining reading and listening to the wardens outsmarting poachers. Definitely recommend this book, audiobook and series. I will be reading and listening to more books in this series.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 2019-01-14

Lt Hodges brings wildlife protection to life

The fish and wildlife in California can not speak for themselves. If they could give accolades to individuals who helped in their never ending struggle for survival they would award Lt Hodges with the Highest possible achievement award. They truly had a true champion working tirelessly for them. I was lucky to work for and alongside him. His stories bring forth the often misunderstood role of the warden in California. In California Fish and Wildlife Protection has had to evolve into a modern professional force capable of thwarting crimes of even the most cunning destroyers of fish and wildlife. Lt Hodges books bring the reader/listener into the world of a warden in an easy to understand narrative and lets them experience the adventure,fear, and euphoria of solving crimes against fish and wildlife. Those people who read one story inevitably read the rest of his books.
Gayland Taylor

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  • Iliketools
  • 2018-11-06

Captivating stories

I thoroughly enjoyed the stories about California game wardens. Author Hodges does a marvelous job of keeping one on the edge of your seat as the crime is described and the actions of the game wardens involved are told in such a manor that you are part of the action! The book is fast paced and very interesting. If you enjoy hunting and fishing, you will enjoy this book!