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In the News Conversations Around Security

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  • Welcome to “In the News - Conversations Around Security”, the podcast where we examine the news through a security lens. Tune in for an engaging and informative conversation about the future of security. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like us, and leave comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thanks for listening
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  • In the News E12 - Is Antisemitism in Canada a National Security Threat?
    Jun 30 2024

    Welcome to another episode of In the News, your source for in-depth analysis of the most pressing geopolitical events.

    Today, we tackle a crucial and sensitive topic: the alarming rise of antisemitism in Canada and its nexus to national security. As tensions in Gaza escalate, we’re seeing ripple effects here at home, with foreign interference potentially fueling the flames.

    In this episode, we go beyond the headlines to investigate how third-party actors might be manipulating ongoing protests, creating a perilous environment of hate and violence. Our special guest, Phil Gurski, will share his expert insights into how these actors could be exacerbating the conflict for their own purposes.

    Are the protests being weaponized? Join us as we dissect these critical issues and their impact on Canada’s security landscape.

    #Antisemitism #CanadaSecurity #NationalSecurity #ForeignInterference #GazaConflict #PhilGurski #Geopolitics #InTheNews #HateCrime #SecurityThreat

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    38 mins
  • In the News E11 - Unpacking Encampments
    Jun 15 2024

    Welcome to “In the News: Conversations Around Security,” where we dive deep into pressing issues affecting public safety. In today’s episode, we explore the growing trend of protest encampments and the security risks they pose. From urban spaces to grassroots movements, we’ll discuss how these camps impact both residents and the broader community.

    Join us as we dissect the complexities, share our insights, and shed light on the delicate balance between civil rights and safety. If you’re passionate about security, social justice, and informed dialogue, hit that subscribe button and let’s get started!

    Don’t forget to check out our full podcast episode on your favorite platform.

    #ProtestSafety #PublicSafety #PublicSafety #SocialJustice #Podcast #InTheNews #Security #protest

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    29 mins
  • E10 Unlocking the Security Dilemma: Addressing Risks and Regulations
    Jun 1 2024

    In this riveting episode of "In the News - Conversations Around Security," we dive deep into Ontario's security landscape with esteemed guest Paul Carson from the Security Guard Association of Ontario. Tune in as we dissect the pressing issue of the absence of standards and regulations within the security sector, a concern that's fostering heightened risks, injuries, and tragically, even fatalities.

    Join us as we explore the urgent necessity to amplify the voices of security guards and instigate transformative changes within the industry. From shedding light on the alarming consequences of regulatory gaps to advocating for a safer and more accountable environment, this episode serves as a catalyst for meaningful reform in Ontario's security realm.

    Don't miss out on this crucial discussion as we navigate the path towards a more secure future for all stakeholders involved. Tune in now and be part of the movement to reshape Ontario's security landscape for the better.

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    40 mins

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