• From Generation to Generation: A Conversation with Peter Menconi
    Apr 7 2024

    Our special guest on this podcast is Peter Menconi, a former pastor and author of the book The Intergenerational Church. He joins Wayne Rice and John Coulombe for a very informative conversation about the various generations that populate not only our churches but our families. How are they different? How are they alike? And what can we do as grandparents to communicate Christ effectively to the generations coming up behind us? Peter encourages grandparents to leverage their wisdom and experience as mentors and influencers of the younger generations and he provides examples and good ideas that can be put into practice immediately.

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    52 mins
  • How Spiritual Formation Impacts Resilience in Children featuring Holly Catterton Allen
    Feb 27 2024

    Dr. Holly Catterton Allen is a professor at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee and the author two recent books, Forming Resilient Children: The Role of Spiritual Formation in Healthy Development and Intergenerational Christian Formation: Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship (2nd Edition). In this conversation with Wayne Rice and John Coulombe, Dr. Allen explains how spiritual formation can impact resilience in children, a much-needed trait in today's world. Their discussion then turns to the topic of the intergenerational church and why such churches are so beneficial for the healthy spiritual growth of children.

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    1 hr
  • How to Think Young featuring John Fischer
    Feb 12 2024

    John Fischer is a pioneer of the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) movement who has written some of the church's most familiar and beloved songs and choruses. He has also written dozens of books including Saint Ben, Fearless Faith and 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee. For years, he wrote daily devotions for Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life ministry and he continues to write and teach from his website and ministry called "The Catch." (catchjohnfischer.live). In this unscripted conversation, Wayne Rice and John Coulombe talk about music, the Jesus Movement and how to "think young" while growing old.

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    51 mins
  • The Power of Mentoring featuring Gordon MacDonald
    Jan 22 2024

    Gordon MacDonald is the former pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts and author of numerous best-selling books on leadership, marriage and the spiritual life. He has also served as president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of World Relief, and Chancellor of Denver Theological Seminary. In this conversation with Wayne Rice and John Coulombe, Gordon reflects on his lifetime of ministry and offers advice to people of grandparenting age who want to remain relevant and influential during the last quarter of their lives.  He also discusses the power of mentoring relationships, the art of aging gracefully and the joy of looking forward to heaven.

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    50 mins
  • Student Revivals and Muscular Faith: A Conversation with Ben Patterson
    Nov 30 2023

    Ben Patterson is a popular author, speaker and former Campus Pastor at Westmont College in Montecito, California. In this conversation with co-hosts Wayne Rice and John Coulombe, he discusses his new book When God Showed Up: A Memoir of the Surprising Work of God at Hope College 1994-2000.  A student revival broke out while Ben served as Dean of the Chapel at Hope College (Holland, Michigan), similar to recent revivals at other schools such as Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. Ben shares his experience with revivals and his thoughts on how God uses them to transform not only institutions but individual lives. In this episode, Ben also shares principles from his books Muscular Faith and God's Prayer Book, applying them to intentional Christian grandparenting.

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    52 mins
  • New Ways to Share Your Life Stories with Your Grandchildren featuring Special Guests Jeremy Bryant and Eric Simons
    Oct 16 2023

    “One of these days” is when most of us intend to write down (or video-record) our significant life stories and memories so that our grandchildren will have a permanent record of what God has done in our lives and what we’ve learned during our lifetimes. Now there are several high- and low-tech resources to help “one of these days” get here a lot sooner. In this podcast, Wayne Rice and John Coulombe interview two entrepreneurs who have created brand new ways to capture stories and memories from your life and share them with your children and grandchildren. Jeremy Bryant is the co-founder of No Story Lost, a company that can help you get your life story published in book form—from the writing to the publication. Eric Simons is the co-founder of the Novella app which can capture your story on video and make it available to family members online.  Also in this episode, Wayne shares how he went about getting his own autobiography written and published for his grandkids. If you are interested in leaving a written or recorded legacy of faith for your grandkids, this podcast can help get you started.

    Resources referenced during this podcast:

    • No Story Lost is a great way to get a beautiful book written and published about your life. If you would like more information, contact Jeremy Bryant by e-mail: jeremy@nostorylost.com.
    •  The Novella app makes it easy to record meaningful and cherished family stories privately and securely. Visit the Novella website to download the app.  It’s free and it’s available now. If you would like to volunteer to provide feedback on their latest product – visit https://www.meetnovella.com/grandparents
    • Storyworth is another service that helps you write a keepsake book for your grandkids. They send you questions that you answer and then those answers are compiled into a published book. 
    • A Grandparents Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words: This is a book that you "fill in the blanks," answering questions and writing down stories from your life. The completed book can then be given to your grandchildren. Available from the Legacy Coalition bookstore and other booksellers.
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    54 mins
  • Teaching Apologetics to Grandchildren featuring Dr. Frank Turek and Hanna Sims
    Sep 26 2023

    Dr. Frank Turek and Hanna Sims recently co-authored a curriculum called "Yes, God is Real" which is designed to teach apologetics to children between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. Dr. Turek is the best-selling author of I Don't Have Enough Faith to Become an Atheist and Hanna Sims is a children's ministry specialist. They believe that today's children need to learn earlier than ever before that the Christian faith is not based on subjective opinions or personal choices but on truth, evidence and the solid foundation of God's Word. Dr. Turek and Ms. Sims discuss with Wayne Rice and John Coulombe such questions as "What is apologetics?" and "Aren't children too young for apologetics?" and they point grandparents to resources that can strengthen the faith of children and give them the tools they need to stand firm during their teen and young adult years. "This curriculum is not just for kids," says Coulombe. "We grandparents can learn a lot about apologetics from this material too."

    Websites referenced during this podcast include:

    • https://www.networkerstec.com/
    • https://crossexamined.org/
    • https://412teens.org/
    • https://www.gotquestions.org/
    • https://gqkidz.org/
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    40 mins
  • "Understanding Gender Confusion" featuring Denise Shick
    Jul 14 2023

    Denise Shick is the founder and CEO of “Help 4 Families,” a ministry which provides resources and encouragement for families dealing with gender confusion among one or more family members. In this candid conversation with Wayne Rice and John Coulombe, she tells the story of how her father transitioned to become a woman when she (Denise) was only nine years old. She talks about how this impacted her life and her family, and how her quest for the truth led her to faith in Christ and a biblical perspective on the topic. Since then, she has become well-known as an expert on gender/transgender confusion and has written numerous books on the subject, including several children’s books. In this podcast, she speaks directly to grandparents on how to navigate this difficult topic with their grandkids.

    Denise Shick books mentioned in this podcast:

    • My Daddy’s Secret by Denise Shick
    • Understanding Gender Confusion: A Faith-based Perspective by Denise Shick
    • Transgender Confusion: A Biblical Q&A for Families by Denise Shick
    • Dangerous Affirmations by Denise Shick

    Children’s Books:

    • My Daddy’s Secret by Denise Shick
    • The Boy Who Liked Tea Parties by Denise Shick
    • When Daddy Leaves to Become a Girl by Denise Shick
    • Amazing Amanda by Denise Shick
    •  I’m Glad God Made Me a Girl by Denise Shick
    • Do Superheroes Play the Piano by Denise Shick
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    51 mins