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Written by: Diane Gardner; Your Profit Coach
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  • Service Business owners are some of the busiest out there, wearing so many hats, putting out fires, trying to stand out and compete, grow the business and boost profits. Profit Coach Diane Gardner is on a mission to help owners grow faster with less stress so they can create more freedom and spend more time with family. Joined by top experts in the service business industry, they’ll share key strategies in areas of finance, hiring, marketing, sales, management, operations and mindset. Plus hear from service professionals just like you share their success stories - all with the goal of helping you profit.
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  • How to Leverage Social Media To Gain Influence & Customers
    Aug 23 2023

    In the world of home services, building relationships with influencers and industry experts can be a game-changer. Justin Wise shares his secrets on how to engage with these influential figures, from sending heartfelt notes to leveraging the power of social media. But what happens when this strategy backfires, and instead of collaboration opportunities, you find yourself in an unexpected dilemma? Tune in to uncover the shocking twist in Justin's story that leaves him in a difficult situation, with no resolution in sight.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    • Identify how strategic content creation lays a strong foundation for your business's expansion.

    • Perfect the techniques of creating content that deeply engages and intrigues your prospects.

    • Formulate strong bonds with influencers and industry titans to amplify your business's reach.

    • Learn the smart ways to recycle your content effectively for wider audience coverage.

    • Embrace challenges and keep up the content creation momentum for enduring business growth.

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    26 mins
  • Uncovering Hidden Profits: The Power of Job Costing in the Home Services Industry
    Aug 24 2023

    In this episode of the Profitable Home Services podcast, Diane Gardner interviews Tersh Blisset, the founder of Service Emperor and host of the Service Business Mastery podcast. They dive into the crucial role of job costing and tracking expenses in the home services industry. Tersh shares personal experiences that highlight the importance of regularly updating systems and accurately tracking costs. He emphasizes the need for job costing, even for small jobs, to understand where cash is being spent.

    Tersh also discusses the challenges his company faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they navigated supply shortages and labor issues.Gain valuable insights into the impact of changing prices in the industry and the necessity for technicians to understand the financial aspects of their work.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    • Absorb the necessity and advantages of embedding automation in your home service business model.

    • Learn the delicate art of balancing delegation with automation for the smooth running of your business.

    • Uncover the vital role of meticulous job costing and expense tracking in the home services universe.

    • Realize the staggering impact of strategically changing prices, underpinned by conscientious cost tracking.

    • Analyze the immense benefits of embracing remote operations and forgoing physical warehouses.

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    43 mins
  • Maximize Profit With Qualified Retirement Plan for Business Owners
    Aug 28 2023

    Do you think retirement plans are only for large corporations? I debunked this myth with Bill Black from Pension Specialists in the recent episode of the Profitable Home Services Podcast. We discussed how small businesses can significantly benefit from these plans. A qualified plan allows for income tax deduction and offers tax-exempt growth.

    In this episode, Bill and I discuss:

    • Qualified retirement plans for small businesses

    • Debunking the misconception that qualified plans are only for large corporations

    • Types of businesses that can benefit from qualified plans

    • Custom-designed plans vs. one-size-fits-all options

    • State-mandated retirement plans for small businesses

    • Drawbacks of state-mandated plans

    • Common myths and misconceptions about retirement plans for small business owners

    • Maximizing benefits for business owners while providing incentives for employees

    • Process of setting up a pension plan

    • Benefits of a qualified retirement plan in saving on income taxes

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    44 mins

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