A Stevenson Family Story

3 books in series
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Breaking Down Publisher's Summary

Get your engine revving with this funny and heartwarming story of one woman’s happily ever after with a grease-stained knight.

Carmen Maclean is unmoored from her home and city when a long-term relationship turns violent. Determined to protect herself, Carmen heads to the small mountain town where her little brother lives, but her plans take a turn for the worse when car trouble leaves her stranded on the side of a lonely mountain highway.

Sawyer Stevenson is a divorced small town mechanic, scared to let himself fall in love again. Lately, he’s taken to burying his emotions in ways that border on scandalous. When he is tasked with fixing a Beetle better left to the junkyard, Sawyer is willing to accept the challenge. He didn’t count on meeting Carmen, or the feelings she would stir in him.

Carmen and Sawyer can’t get enough of each other, despite knowing it won’t be long before they have to say goodbye. Nothing matters to Sawyer but keeping Carmen safe when danger follows her to Willow Brook. For the first time in as long as either can remember they are looking forward instead of back, but what exactly does the future hold?

©2022 Lindsay Wagensveld (P)2024 Lindsay Wagensveld
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