Blood & Roses

3 books in series
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Deviant & Fracture Publisher's Summary

Combined installments 1 & 2 in the Blood & Roses series (Deviant & Fracture)

Deviant. Sloane. I'm not proud of the things I've done. The things I've had to do. The things I've given away. But I'd give it all over again to find her. Even if i die trying, I have to find Alexis.

Zeth. She wants me to help her, but I won't. She wants me to save her sister, but I can't. She wants me to be her hero, but I'm not a good man. I am her damnation.

Fracture. Zeth Mayfair is pretty much the very last thing I need in my life. Yet with every breath I take, he becomes more engrained in every aspect of it. He has a key to my house. He knows where I work. He dumped his strange, mentally traumatized housemate on my doorstep and has driven off into the sunset in search of my missing sister.

I want to forget him. Want to change the locks and blot out his face, scour his very name from my memory. The problem is that I also need him. I need him more than I need air to breathe, and I can't be without him now. He owns me. He torments me. He's fractured me.

©2014 Callie Hart (P)2015 Audible, Ltd
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