Blood and Water

5 books in series
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Blood and Water Publisher's Summary

Victoria was looking for a hot date, but she didn't expect to pick up a vampire. Thrust into a world where mythical creatures exist, Victoria has to learn how to adapt when everyone around seems to want her dead. She finds an unlikely friend and companion in a sexy lone wolf who takes her under his wing and tries to teach her to be a proper vampire. With Victoria's killer still on the move and danger threatening to close in from every side, will she able to make it past being a fledgling?

Blood and Water is made up of the following previously published episodes:

  • "First Encounter"
  • "Enemies and Friends"
  • "Fledgling"
  • "A Far Goodbye"

Warning: This story contains graphic content of a violent nature. Listener discretion is advised.

©2013 K. Matthew (P)2015 K. Matthew
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