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What would you do if you found out your head - which was preserved for over 100 years, was now a space probe with self-replicating powers? Bob's answer was swift and certain: make more Bobs. Follow him and his clones on a wild journey of space battles, geekdom, and sci-fi wonder for a story that will take you on a hilarious and outrageous adventure.

Everyone likes Bob. And that's good because there are a lot of him. The Bobiverse series follows the story of the main character Bob Johansson, a former software company owner for Earth who dies shortly after signing on to preserve his head cryogenically in case of death. He is revived 117 years later in a staggeringly different world. Here he finds he has been uploaded into an artificial intelligence space probe that has the ability to replicate itself. The result is a multitude of Bob clones. Hilarious, creative, and lovable, this science fiction masterpiece by former computer programmer Dennis E. Taylor is a masterful display of storytelling and humour.

The first book, We Are Legion (We Are Bob), won Audible's award for Best Sci-Fi Book of 2016 and attracted a following of Bob lovers. Listeners loved the quirky, vibrant and nerdy story that is the perfect pairing of computer geek lingo and sci-fi fantasy. The book series starts with the cloned Bobs and quickly evolves into deep space battles with enemy Brazilian space probes, life as a sky god, travels in space, and a slew of hilarious problems.

Available exclusively on Audible, these audio adaptations are narrated by Ray Porter, who brings this science fiction book to life with the perfect balance of geekdom and humour, matching Dennis Taylor's style with ease. A seasoned audiobook narrator and Audie award winner, he delivers an impressive performance that brings the world of Bob to life. The Bobiverse books include the next book in the series For We Are Many as well as All These Worlds and Heaven's River. Discover the laugh-out-loud funny world of a computer geek turned unexpected god in the classic cult series: Bobiverse.

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