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The Outlander Publisher's Summary

In 1903 a mysterious, desperate young woman flees alone across the west, one quick step ahead of the law. She has just become a widow by her own hand.

Two vengeful brothers and a pack of bloodhounds track her across the western wilderness. She is 19 years old and half mad. Gil Adamson's extraordinary novel opens in heart-pounding midflight and propels the listener through a gripping road trip with a twist - the steely outlaw in this story is a grief-struck young woman. Along the way she encounters characters of all stripes - unsavoury, wheedling, greedy, lascivious, self-reliant and occasionally generous and trustworthy. Part historical novel, part Gothic tale and part literary Western, The Outlander is an original and unforgettable listen.

©2008 Gil Adamson (P)2019 Anansi Audio
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