Bow Street Rivals

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Shadow of the Hangman Publisher's Summary

It's 1815. Peter and Paul Skillen, identical twins and fearless thief catchers, stalk all who dare to walk in the shadow of the hangman. When they catch a notorious burglar, they claim a handsome reward and infuriate the Bow Street Runners, who believe they have a monopoly on policing in the capital.

Home Secretary Viscount Sidmouth faces a crisis. During a massacre of American prisoners of war at Dartmoor, two escape and come to London in search of retribution - and if their demands are not met, they’ll kill Sidmouth. The Runners compete fiercely with the twin detectives to bring the villains to justice in a compelling tale of murder, kidnap, revenge and political machination.

©2015 Edward Marston (P)2015 Soundings
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