Charlie Fox

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Killer Instinct Publisher's Summary

Killer Instinct: Charlie Fox, Book 1 is the first in Zoe Sharp's highly acclaimed crime thriller series, now available with previously deleted scenes and a foreword by Lee Child.

"Susie Hollins may have been no great shakes as a karaoke singer, but I didn't think that was enough reason for anyone to want to kill her."

Charlotte "Charlie" Fox makes a living teaching self-defense to women in a quiet Northern English city. It makes the best use of the deadly skills she picked up after being kicked out of army Special Forces training for reasons she prefers not to go into.

So when Susie Hollins is found dead hours after she foolishly takes on Charlie at the New Adelphi Club, Charlie knows it's only a matter of time before the police come calling. What they don't tell her is that Hollins is the latest victim of a homicidal rapist stalking the local area.

Charlie finds herself drawn closer to the crime when the New Adelphi's enigmatic owner, Marc Quinn, offers her a job working security at the club. Viewed as an outsider by the existing all-male team, her suspicion that there's a link between the club and the killer doesn't exactly endear her to anyone. Charlie has always taught her students that it's better to run than to stand and fight. But when the killer starts taking a very personal interest, it's clear he isn't going to give her that option....

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