Chronicles of Pelenor Series

5 books in series
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Chronicles of Pelenor Publisher's Summary

She stole a powerful artefact. He resurrected an ancient evil. They are mortal enemies, and only one can survive...but both of them may be doomed in this heartrending saga of intrigue and betrayal.

When orphan Harper takes a legendary Dragonheart, she unwittingly signs her own death warrant. Searching for the elven king's missing Dragonheart is his ruthless spymaster Dimitri - who has his own secret agenda to revolutionise the Kingdom of Pelenor - but the Dragonheart is only the beginning.

To further his cause, Dimitri raises a revolutionary from beyond the grave. He realises too late that he did not raise an ally...but a dark, ancient power, hell-bent on revenge. And Dimitri is bound to his cause.

Trapped and thrust into the middle of rising conflict, Harper and Dimitri are forced to ally to survive. When Harper unexpectedly uncovers her identity, the truth will pit all against her, for Harper holds great darkness within her. Yet, she is the crux to prevailing against the oncoming cataclysm.

War comes for Pelenor. The Dark One will have his dominion. The ultimate sacrifice will be required - but who will give it, and will it be enough?

Resilience and the strength to stand in the face of adversity is tested in this powerful epic fantasy series of morally grey characters, loyalty and romance, betrayal and intrigue, and a desperate struggle against impending devastation that has left thousands wanting more.

The Chronicles of Pelenor is perfect for fans of Sylvia Mercedes' Venatrix Chronicles, JA Andrews' The Keeper Chronicles, and Elise Kova’s Air Awakens, who love richly woven sagas of characters striving to overcome adversity from within and without, against a backdrop of an epic-scale world that comes alive as you listen.

This is a complete series collection including Heart of Dragons, Court of Shadows, Order of Valxiron, and Mark of Fate.

©2019 Meg Cowley (P)2020 Meg Cowley
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Product list
  • Book 1-4

    Price: $37.53 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $37.53 or 1 Credit

  • Book 1

    Price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

  • Book 2

    Price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

  • Book 3

    Price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

  • Book 4

    • Chronicles of Pelenor, Book 4
    • Written by: Meg Cowley
    • Narrated by: Jack Voraces
    • Length: 10 hrs and 47 mins
    • Release date: 2020-06-11
    • Language: English
    • Not rated yet

    Price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $31.27 or 1 Credit

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