Cork O'Connor

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He may no longer be sheriff, but Cork O’Connor, a man of conviction and proud mixed heritage - half Irish, half Ojibwe - has no intention of retiring from the quest for justice in rural Minnesota.

In his work as a private investigator, Cork O’Connor, former sheriff of Tamarack County, Minnesota, walks a fine line between assisting the local police and satisfying the Ojibwe tribe elders, striving to stay true to both his Irish and his Native American roots. Whether searching for missing persons or investigating crimes from vandalism to bombings to murder, O’Connor encounters corruption and prejudice, navigates tribal beliefs and community conflict, and braves the brutal cold and rugged conditions in the north woods of Minnesota.

David Chandler does justice to the Native American voices, culture, and traditions, as well as the lore of rural life. The Earphones Award-winning narrator brings the vivid storytelling, from gripping plot twists to striking descriptions of nature, and the unforgettable characters fully to life. Above all, Chandler captures Cork O’Connor in all his pride and determination, his complications and self-doubt.

William Kent Krueger was raised in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and logged timber before building a career as a child development researcher and later finding his calling as an author. His Cork O’Connor series has received numerous awards, including Anthony Award, the Barry Award, and the Friends of American Writers Prize, and includes several New York Times best sellers. He is also the winner of an Edgar Award for his stand-alone novel, Ordinary Grace. Krueger makes his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, a city he “dearly loves”, with his wife of more than 40 years. 

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