Eddie Flynn

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Behind Closed Doors Publisher's Summary

Family feuds, booze, and bad company. Teenager Rebecca Slater's walk on the wild side has taken a downward spiral. And now she's disappeared.

But her family don't seem to have noticed.

Wealthy, private, dysfunctional, the Slaters deny that their daughter is missing - even as they block all attempts by Rebecca's friends to contact her.

So, the friends contact a private investigator.

Eddie Flynn is good at finding people. And he's good at spotting lies. It doesn't take him long to see through the Slaters' denials. So he digs around, and isn't too surprised when some unpleasant people come scuttling out of the cracks in their perfect world.

But for these people the teenager's disappearance is part of a plan. One that's too important to be threatened by an investigator with more persistence than sense. So it's time for the investigator to disappear.

©2013 Michael Donovan (P)2016 Michael Donovan
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  • Book 1

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  • Book 2

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  • Book 3

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