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The Complete Emily Bernal Trilogy Publisher's Summary

Heaven to Betsy

When a dead body swan-dives from a balcony into the pool at a wedding, gossip comes to a halt about disgraced paralegal and former rodeo queen Emily - whose husband left her for a woman who turns out to be a man. Enter Jack, a secretive attorney and sexy mix of cowboy and Indian. She refuses to work for him, until she learns about the disappearance of the six-year old daughter of his notorious client Sofia. Emily launches a desperate search for her. Bodies pile up in her wake across Texas and New Mexico as the walls around her own secrets begin to crumble.

Earth to Emily

Emily only wants two little things. The first is to adopt Betsy - the girl who has stolen her heart but could be deported to Mexico at any time. The other is a second chance with her boss, Jack, a smolderingly hot and mysterious criminal defense attorney. But before Emily can dare to hope for either (or both), the obstacles between them mount: two runaway teenagers, an aging exotic dancer, and a dead trucker.

Hell to Pay

Emily finally has her life back on track. Then client Phil Escalante's childhood buddy Dennis drops dead, face first into a penis cake at the adult novelty store. The cops charge Phil with murder right on the heels of his trial for burglarizing the Mighty is His Word Church. Emily's nemesis ADA Melinda Stafford claims a witness overheard Phil fighting with Dennis over a woman. Before he can mount a defense, Phil falls into a diabetic coma. Meanwhile Betsy’s ultra-religious foster parents apply to adopt her, and Jack starts acting weird and evasive. Emily feels like a calf out of a chute, pulled between the ropes of the header and the heeler, as she fights to help Phil without losing Betsy and Jack.

©2015 Pamela Fagan Hutchins (P)2016 Pamela Fagan Hutchins
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  • Book 1-3

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  • Book 1

    Heaven to Betsy (What Doesn’t Kill You, #5) cover art
    • Heaven to Betsy (What Doesn’t Kill You, #5)

    • An Emily Romantic Mystery
    • Written by: Pamela Fagan Hutchins
    Not available on Audible.ca

  • Book 2

    Earth to Emily (What Doesn’t Kill You, #6) cover art
    • Earth to Emily (What Doesn’t Kill You, #6)

    • An Emily Romantic Mystery
    • Written by: Pamela Fagan Hutchins
    Not available on Audible.ca

  • Book 3

    Hell to Pay (What Doesn’t Kill You, #7) cover art
    Not available on Audible.ca

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