Enola Holmes

10 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 1,326 ratings


If you thought Sherlock Holmes was clever, wait until you meet his sister. Written by Nancy Springer and narrated by Katherine Kellgren, the Enola Holmes audiobooks are filled with one extraordinary character after another. Let the adventures begin.

It isn't easy growing up in the shadow of a famous detective but Enola Holmes isn't one to complain; she's got too much on her plate after all. Barely past her 14th birthday, Enola's life is decidedly more exciting than that of the average teenage sister, as the search for her mysterious missing mother unfolds. Think you've got it tough? Try being Enola Homes.

Immortalized in the Enola Holmes Netflix film, these iconic pieces of youth fiction follow a brilliant family on an incredible journey focused on one central mystery, a story of detective ingenuity aimed at creating a family reunion for the ages. Kellgren does a fantastic job with the narration, imbuing Nancy Springer's characters with life and energy from beginning to end, putting these stories on par with Arthur Conan Doyle's renderings of Enola's more famous brother. The detective business is tough, to say the least, but Enola Holmes is more than up to the task.

The story of a dysfunctional family told through the heart of a budding detective, the Enola Holmes Series is as thrilling for the young as it is engaging for the old. Enola acts as a role model for anyone dealing with the ups and downs of life with a famous elder brother, and the book series makes a seamless transition to the audiobook world. 

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