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Just Do the Damn Thing Publisher's Summary

Are you tired of not doing the things you said you would do and doing the things you said you wouldn't do?  

You have big dreams of changing your life. Or maybe you have small dreams of just keeping your commitments in your work, school, or relationships. Either way, you can’t seem to get it together. You promise yourself you’ll do it later, when you’re refreshed, remotivated, when NSYNC gets back together. 

But here’s the thing, later never comes. Months, even years down the line, you still have a picture of a bathtub full of cash, a Lamborghini, and a six-pack on your vision board, yet you still work retail, drive a car that requires you to click your heels three times in order for it to start, and have last night’s doughnut crumbs on your mouth.  

Asking yourself to sit down and have the willpower and motivation to be productive and not put off doing things you know you should do is like asking a six-year-old to eat steamed broccoli and do your taxes. 

We often know what we should be doing. But let’s face it. Doing stuff is hard. With this audiobook, not so much. You will find:

  • How to “cheat” more hours out of your day
  • How to organize your to-do list for maximum productivity and minimum "I want to tear my hair out and kill someone"
  • The myth of the “morning person”
  • Why you already have what you need to succeed, even if you’re broke, ugly, and talentless
  • The five willpower killers that destroy motivation
  • How to get things done when you’re overwhelmed or don’t feel like it
  • The sometimes friendly, sometimes not-so-friendly kick in the pants you need to make you see and do things differently, change your life, and hopefully laugh in the process

This audiobook has practical, easy-to-apply tips, shared in a fun and relatable way.  

If you’re tired of the same old hippie mumbo jumbo advice from the same dry, boring self-help guides, scroll up and click "Buy Now" to get this audiobook!

©2018 Reese Owen (P)2018 Reese Owen
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Product list
  • Book 1

    Just Do the Damn Thing cover art
    • Just Do the Damn Thing

    • How to Sit Your @ss Down Long Enough to Exert Willpower, Develop Self Discipline, Stop Procrastinating, Increase Productivity, & Get Sh!t Done
    • Written by: Reese Owen
    Not available on

  • Book 2

    B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe cover art
    • B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe

    • How to Stop Worrying, End Negative Thinking, Cultivate Positive Thoughts, and Start Living Your Best Life
    • Written by: Reese Owen
    Not available on

  • Book 3

    Make Your Brain Your B*tch cover art
    • Make Your Brain Your B*tch

    • Mental Toughness Secrets to Rewire Your Mindset to Be Resilient and Relentless, Have Self Confidence in Everything You Do, and Become the Badass You Truly Are
    • Written by: Reese Owen
    Not available on

  • Book 5

    Just Frickin Pick One cover art
    • Just Frickin Pick One

    • How to Overcome Slow Decision Making, Stop Overthinking Anxiety, Learn Fast Critical Thinking, and Be Decisive with Confidence
    • Written by: Reese Owen
    Not available on

  • Book 6

    Cut the Crap & Let It Go cover art
    • Cut the Crap & Let It Go

    • A Stress Free Way to Simplify & Declutter Your Life to Increase Happiness, Freedom, Mindfulness, & Productivity by Embracing Minimalism
    • Written by: Reese Owen
    Not available on

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