Hidden: Soulhunter

2 books in series
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Guardian Publisher's Summary

Eunomia. Right hand of the Angel. Guardian.

The last of her kind, is now....

Death's hunter.

And the thing she most desperately needs to find is herself.

For thousands of years, the Guardians collected the souls of the dead, bringing them before the God of Death for their final judgment.

It all ended when Eunomia's sisters, the other 12 Guardians, betrayed the God of Death and his daughter. In the blink of an eye, Eunomia's reason for existing ceased to be.

Now, Eunomia is the last of her kind, and she has no idea what to do with the rest of eternity.

Everything changes the day her best friend, the new Goddess of Death, comes to her with a problem only Eunomia can solve: "We're having a problem with lost souls. Find them, and bring them back to me."

Of course, nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems, and what at first appears to be nothing more than a simple soul collecting job turns into an around-the-world journey that challenges Eunomia at every turn. All she has to do is find 27 lost souls, keep her friend sane, and solve a mystery...all while trying not to lose herself in the arms of a man thousands of years of experience tells her she should avoid.

©2015 Colleen Vanderlinden (P)2015 Colleen Vanderlinden
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