His Dark Materials

8 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 1,762 ratings


Growing up in a college surrounded by scholars, Lyra knows things. Being an inquisitive and sometimes nosy little girl certainly doesn’t hurt. But when she finds herself hiding in a coat closet when her intimidating but intriguing uncle comes to town, she finds she may have stumbled into an adventure bigger than even she can handle.  

His Dark Materials is the famed and much-loved trilogy from author Philip Pullman. The first novel, The Golden Compass, introduces audiences to precocious and troublemaking main character 11-year-old Lyra Belacqua, and her daemon, Pan. When Lyra and Pan overhear talk of a mysterious substance or elementary particle - known simply as dust - they have no idea the adventure this seemingly simple thing will take them on. From there, the modern fantasy classic dives into questions of faith, destiny, sin and power in a magical and heartfelt tale. The trilogy centers around the beloved characters of Lyra and Will, with supporting characters including armoured bears, witches, gypsies, scholars, and powerful clergymen.

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is a bestselling fantasy trilogy of parallel worlds and wonder. Pullman builds a full and lively alternate world that is completely believable, even with all its magic and fantastical aspects. Listeners of the audiobook will have little choice but to be pulled directly into the story. The multitude of worlds serves as a backdrop for strong character development that helps listeners fall in love with both Lyra and Pan as well as Will, Mary, John Faa, and even a bear king. Each character brings a depth of heart and emotion not often found in the fantasy genre. Fantasy fiction with a human heart? This is it. 

The Audible adaptation of the trilogy features a full cast reading, giving this audiobook version of His Dark Materials a true depth of character and voice. Each voice actor adds a unique style and emotion to their character, creating an immersive must-listen experience that will envelop listeners old and new. It is never too late to discover His Dark Materials.  

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