Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

8 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 3,274 ratings


Don’t panic. Earth may have been demolished. Vicious aliens may be out to get you. Nothing really makes any sense. But you have your trusty Hitchhiker’s Guide. What could possibly go wrong? 

All Arthur Dent wants is a simple life. A good cup of tea, a boring job, friends and a pint at the local pub - that's all he needs. Unfortunately, one of these friends isn't actually human; enter the eccentric but lovable Ford Prefect. Together, the dynamic duo embarks on a wild journey, hitchhiking their way across the galaxy from one bizarre adventure to the next.

Douglas Adams's iconic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series is a masterful piece of fiction, filled with inventive worlds and grand adventures that are accentuated by his signature wit and humour. From Vogon ships to seemingly impossible coincidences via a depressed robot, a Deep Thought machine, and a thoroughly intolerable galactic president, this series has it all. It is at once a traditional travel-through-space-to-unknown-worlds style science fiction story and a truly unique take on the genre. The combination of classic Englishman Arthur--who just wants a quiet life--and the classic Adams humour make this series a real once in a lifetime creation.

Stephen Fry takes care of the initial narration in this Audible audiobook before giving way to Martin Freeman, the actor who played Arthur in the famous film adaptation. These tales have been endlessly adapted but their radio origins mean they translate especially well to the narrated style of audiobooks. The distinct voice and wit of Stephen Fry pair expertly with the offbeat dry humour of Douglas Adams, making for a pair that was made in galactic heaven. This audiobook is an experience like no other, and a must-listen for fans of British humour and space travel alike. 

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