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Undone Publisher's Summary

Chance didn't expect to start his day in the back of a police cruiser. Lucky for him, the man behind the wheel is Chance's best friend and onetime lover, Jaxon.

Jaxon wants Chance. He has since the first moment he set eyes on the sexy librarian. Unfortunately, Chance always has bullshit going on, standing in their way. Most men would consider Chance more trouble than he's worth - not Jaxon. He can't get enough of Chance's constant drama. When Chance's life spirals out of control - the way Chance's life always seems to do - Jaxon rushes to the rescue, only to end up screwing things up...again.

These two independent souls might drive each other mad, but there's no denying their love or the fiery hot passion brewing between them. If only Chance could stop lying to Jax, maybe they'd stand a chance.

Undone is a short introduction to Charity Parkerson's new M/M series, Hooked.

©2015 Charity Parkerson (P)2015 Charity Parkerson
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