Jack Reacher

39 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 4,370 ratings


Full of heart-stopping dangerous action, mysterious motives and lawlessness, and varied and exciting locations, writer Lee Child’s Jack Reacher crime series is a gripping and enjoyable listen for any crime fan.

With a main character as complex and mysterious as the stories themselves, protagonist Jack Reacher brings his complexity and charm to wherever the story takes him, whether that be to New York City, Paris, London, Hamburg, or sleepy rural England. A former US army major from the military police, Reacher is now a seemingly directionless drifter, moving from place to place and living on the edge of society. However, his chaotic past is never far behind, and always manages to find him, no matter where he goes....

With gruesome murders, kidnappings, assassinations and many more horrific and puzzling crimes, the Jack Reacher universe encapsulates the very heart of crime fiction. Complete with well-written and intriguing characters, the Jack Reacher series is utterly addictive and will have the listener craving more with each audiobook. Listeners will be as eager to unravel the mystery of intelligent, quick-witted, and overwhelmingly strong Reacher himself just as much as the crimes he finds himself witnessing and investigating.

The Jack Reacher series has become a favourite for fans all over the globe. The series is narrated by esteemed voice actor Dick Hill, who adds sparkling charisma and personality, and grips the listener from the first moment they press play to the very last.  

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