Jancy Dewhurst

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The Ribbon Murders Publisher's Summary

Cub reporter Jancy Dewhurst has a plan for her life. One more year working for the Clarion, and she can leave behind the university town of Bishop, Oklahoma, to land her dream job as an overseas wire correspondent.

But then her first homicide scene sets her on the trail of a serial killer and throws her together with Agent Jim Wills - a natty state cop with an attitude to match his good looks, who has no use for "meddling" reporters. The murderer leaves a peculiar signature on each male victim - a baby-blue ribbon around an intimate body part.

As the investigation continues, Jancy and Jim's mutual attraction grows despite their efforts to deny it. With the death of a close friend, the case gets personal...and the evidence points toward the sheriff's office. As Jancy and Jim plot to trap their quarry, the killer lays plans that may claim them both.

©2006 Sharon Ervin (P)2009 Books In Motion
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