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Dancing Daisies Publisher's Summary

That was really why I wanted to go to camp this year instead of sitting at home all summer with my parents. I desperately needed some new friends....

Brynn Evason is, in many ways, just like an ordinary 17-year-old girl - she cares too much about what other people think of her, she's embroiled in major friendship drama, and she can't wait to head off to summer camp.

But in Sara Pyszka's heartwarming coming-of-age drama, Dancing Daisies, listeners learn that Brynn is different in one very important way. Brynn has cerebral palsy, which means she must use a power wheelchair and computer to communicate.

After her relationship with her two best friends is shattered, Brynn is looking forward more than ever to her summer at Camp Lakewood. She soon learns, however, that getting away from home doesn't spare her from all of life's dramas.

While some campers meet her with dismay, Brynn eventually meets friends who can see past her disabilities. One of those friends is Tommy, a boy for whom Brynn immediately falls head over heels.

But as Tommy and Brynn's friendship deepens, a misunderstanding puts the new couple in jeopardy. Can Brynn find a way to clear Tommy's name?

©2013, 2016 Sara Pyszka (P)2017 Sara Pyszka
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