Keeper of the Books

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Keeper of the Books Publisher's Summary

Nathaniel Cole never thought things would end this way. This was supposed to be his last job as an outlaw. Now, he finds himself cornered by the most skilled bounty hunter in the West, Levi Thompson. Nate looks down at the mysterious book in his hands. The words scroll across the pages as if penned by some invisible author. It is a magical book - a portal to another world. He knows he does not have a choice. If he stays, he dies. When he finally takes the plunge, Nate finds himself in the land of Galamore, a place filled with outlaws worse than he, and dangers at every turn. But when he learns the bounty hunter has followed him there, Nate knows he either has to face Levi, or be the first to find his way back home. With the law on his trail, and an unfamiliar world before him, Nate must seek the help of wary strangers. On his journey through the mysterious land of Galamore, Nate discovers that getting back home will not be so easy, and that he might be stuck in Galamore for a long time. Keeper of the Books blends a story of magical fantasy with the classic style of the Old West, creating a world that is both unique and full of adventure.

©2016 Asher Elliot (P)2016 Jason D. Morrow
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  • Book 1

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  • Book 2

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    • The Outlaw's Quest

    • Keeper of the Books, Book 2
    • Written by: Jason D. Morrow
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