Lands of Daranor

3 books in series
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DreamQuest Publisher's Summary

A young boy in a small village has a mysterious dream that hints of the fantastic power of the Water Orb, one of the four elemental forces lost to the world for nearly three centuries. Heeding the advice of the powerful wizard Zelin, Tarthur sets off on a quest to understand his dream and its consequences for the fate of civilization. Join Tarthur and Derlin as they travel through the land, learning about the world, themselves, and what it means to pass from boyhood into the world of men.

Journey to the mystical lands of Daranor: See a sunrise on the shoals of the merfolk, ponder the powerful evil of the Death Lord Darhyn, feel the hope of Freeton, the serenity of the lands of the elves, and the cunning of Queen Marhyn. Meet a mysterious shape-shifter, the twin heads of the Guild of Thieves, and the stunningly beautiful princess of the elves. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, the lands of Daranor have something for you.

©2013 William Pottle (P)2013 William Pottle
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  • Book 1

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  • Book 2

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  • Book 3

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