Little Fur

4 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 2 ratings

Little Fur Publisher's Summary

Little Fur is very old, though she looks more like a four-year-old child. She is half elf and half troll, and she lives in her very own wilderness, a patch of park, within the city where the humans live. Little Fur is distressed by what the humans are doing to her patch of wilderness, they are burning trees, and she must go on a perilous journey to prevent her precious home from being destroyed. She enlists the help of her friends: Brownie the shaggy Shetland pony, Crow the crow, and the Sett Owl.

This is a story full of magic and wonder, of unforgettable characters and exciting adventures.

©2005 Isabelle Carmody (P)2005 Bolinda Publishing Pty. Ltd.
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