Making Sense of the Law of Attraction

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Getting the Hell Out of the Way and Letting the Universe Do Its Job: The Art of Detachment and Allowing Publisher's Summary

Welcome to book number two in the Making Sense of the Law of Attraction series by law of attraction coach Kelli Cooper. Each book is designed to go into greater detail about a particular aspect of the attraction process, which seems easy on paper, but as for applying in real life? Many people find it...not so much.

Detachment and allowing are crucial for receiving what we want with greater ease but can be a real b*tch to apply in practice. We just want what we want oh, so badly. We are so used to trying to control everything, developing that trust is a process. Your mind will freak out in various ways. This book will help you understand the importance of detachment and allowing and how to go about doing that in your everyday life, so you can start being bombarded with awesomeness at every turn!

©2015 Kelli Cooper (P)2015 Catherine Doersch
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