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There is something in the deep. Something large. Something hungry. Something prehistoric. And Team Grendel must find it, fight it, and kill it. Kinsey Thorne, the first female US Navy SEAL candidate has hit rock bottom. Having washed out of the Navy, she turned to every drink and drug she could get her hands on. Until her father and cousins, all ex-Navy SEALS themselves, offer her a way back into the life: as part of a private, elite combat Team being put together to find and hunt down an impossible monster in the Indian Ocean. Kinsey has a second chance, but can she live through it?

©2014 Jake Bible (P)2014 Jake Bible
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  • Book 1

    Mega cover art
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  • Book 2

    Mega 2: Baja Blood cover art
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  • Book 3

    When Giants Collide cover art
    • When Giants Collide

    • Mega, Book 3
    • Written by: Jake Bible
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  • Book 4

    Mega 4: Behemoth Island cover art
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  • Book 5

    Murder Island cover art
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