Mutual Radio Theater

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Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 1 Publisher's Summary

Mutual Radio Theater was a program produced originally in 1980. This show was no small attempt to recapture the glory days of old-time radio by any means. Each program was written specifically for radio and each night hosted by a different star, including Lorne Greene, Andy Griffith, Vincent Price, Cicely Tyson, and Leonard Nimoy. 

Volume 1 consists of 20 programs as they originally aired, complete and uncut, with original commercials and produced in full stereo high fidelity. 

Chapters: #1 The Store Keeper; #2 Our Man on Omega; #3 Long Distance; #4 Love Conquers All; #5 The Ship; #6 The Mutiny Against George Washington; #7 Let's Play House; #8 Double Exposure; #9 One Dollar Dream House; #10 North to Marakesh; #11 Oh Really, O'Reilly; #12 The First National Radio Aptitude Test; #13 The Mask; #14 For the Love of Laura; #15 Yes Sir That's My Baby; #16 The Blind Gun; #17 Fontaine Harris, Hollywood Producer; #18 An International Sport; #19 Those Who Can; #20 The Whale Savers.

Please Note: These radio archive titles are restored radio masters from old tape, vinyl and acetate.

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