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Paragon of Blood Publisher's Summary

A world overrun by monsters.
The first gate opened in Denver. Or was it New York? Doesn’t really matter now. Monsters spewed out and a hundred years later, the broken remnants of mankind huddle behind their walls and stare down extinction.

A brave few adventurers.
Their lives are short, their deaths are violent, and their legacy is nothing less than the survival of our species. Physically enhanced to superhuman levels and armed with powerful spells, these legendary heroes plunge into the gates and destroy them, one by one.

A conspiracy to reshape the world.
Auric Cain has always dreamed of becoming an adventurer. But to start his journey, he must complete an ascension gate and earn his magic. When something goes horribly wrong, he’s imbued with a terrible power and finds a monstrous presence invading his mind. But these events are no accident, and as Auric uncovers their secret, he pulls at the threads of a conspiracy that could reshape all reality. 

Paragon of Blood is a LitRPG Apocalypse novel. Perfect for fans of Solo Leveling and The System Apocalypse, it features leveling, unique spells, and dungeon diving. 

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