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Pride High, Book 1 Publisher's Summary

What’s it like being a teenager in the 90s? Let’s ask the characters of Pride High:

Anthony Cullen: My life would be perfect, if I wasn’t in the closet. And in love with my straight best friend. Do you think he’ll ever notice me?

Omar Jafari: Dude! I’m flunking out of most of my classes, but you know what really matters? A girl talked to me. And she’s like…insanely pretty!

Silvia Diaz: Listen, my parents are undocumented, so I don’t have time to worry about boys. Or girls. Or which I like more. Wait, this isn’t going to be published, is it?

Mindy Beaumont: Please tell me you’re going to publish this! I feel like I’m invisible. I’ve never even kissed a boy. Ugh!

Cameron Huxley: I’m ready to meet my soul mate. Whoever he is. And when we find each other, we’re going to come out and show the world what true love looks like!

Ricky Nishikawa: I’m starting freshman year in a new town. If that wasn’t bad enough, I keep getting picked on by a bully. And he’s really hot.

Pride High: Book 1 kicks off a new series filled with cool characters, realistic relationships, and mature themes that will resonate with older teenagers and nostalgic adults.

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    • Book 3: Yellow
    • Written by: Jay Bell
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    • Release date: 2023-10-18
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